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Daniel Builders LLC provides a full range of construction services including, general construction services, fast track, construction management as well as teaming with design professionals for design/build services, or any combination of the above.

We perform many types of construction projects including new construction, renovation, tenant uplift and pre-engineered buildings while serving the residential, commercial, industrial, and medical construction markets in Southside Virginia.

We also provide specialty services, such as concrete packages, wood and metal framing packages and metal buildings


Daniel Builders, LLC provides clients with a budget and a deadline focused plan of action tailored to each project. Plans and specifications of each project are reviewed with appropriate subcontractors and a course of action is put in motion. The pre-construction process is the first step to ensuring the concepts of the client are customized to their specific needs.


Daniel Builders, LLC can team with design professionals to help clients achieve cost savings and reduce administrative activities by placing design and construction in the hands of quality individuals. We will work with the design team to help develop an overall concept to meet the needs of the client.

ContractingGeneral Contracting

As general contractor, Daniel Builders, LLC is responsible for supplying all material, labor, equipment, services, and supervision necessary for the execution of the project in accordance with the contract documents. Daniel Builders, LLC manages all subcontractors as well as monitors the overall quality of the project.

Pre-EngineeredPre-Engineered Buildings

Daniel Builders, LLC offers its clients the option of using pre-engineered steel buildings for their projects. This type of construction can be very  versatile and has many benefits such as being adaptable to many types of businesses, faster construction times, energy efficiency and easily expandable. Steel system construction can be used for a wide variety of buildings, such as:

  • Agricultural Facilities
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Churches
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Retail Space
  • and More

SpecialtySpecialty Services

Daniel Builders, LLC also can perform many specialty services such as providing concrete packages to include building foundations and slabs. We can also provide wood and metal framing packages